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Monitor & Inspect for Bedbugs

Latest Technology for Bedbug Detection

For the latest technology in bedbug detection, contact Zander Pest Control LLC. Let us help you make sure bedbugs haven’t been introduced to your home or business, confirm an active infestation has been eliminated, or simply give you peace of mind. Rely on our 15 years in business for experienced monitoring and inspection services.

Discreet, Affordable Bedbug Detection

Our bedbug detector is a more affordable and discreet way to uncover bedbug infestations compared to traditional methods. Designed to fit behind beds and furniture, the detector runs silently so it won't disturb you. It’s the first system to operate 24 7 for up to 90 days. For your assurance and convenience, rely on us to efficiently replace the attractants periodically for year-round monitoring. If you don’t have bedbugs now, early detection leads to a successful and affordable treatment program.

Professional, Well-Trained Technicians and Inspectors

Zander Pest Control’s inspectors and technicians are professionals who have completed comprehensive classroom and field training. Each person is licensed, tested, and reviewed for integrity and knowledge. Continuing education at conferences, workshops, and other sessions keep our staff current with what’s new in the industry.

Services for commercial and residential customers are performed at times most convenient for their schedules. 
Bed bug

Monitoring Commercial Spaces for Bedbugs

  • Large buildings
  • Fire stations
  • Call centers
  • College campuses

Benefits of Our Exterminator and Inspection Services

  • Get a free inspection and enjoy $50.00 OFF the cost of a service 
  • Reasonable prices
  • Prompt response to service calls
  • 24-hour availability — Monday to Saturday
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“I highly recommend Dean and his staff for any pest control needs. Whether at my apartments, commercial spaces, or my home, I trust Dean to take care of any pest control needs while putting my tenants and family at ease.” 

– Kerry Dobbins, property owner
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