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Bedbug Treatment

Emergency Bedbug Service Available

Trust the experts at Zander Pest Control LLC, a family-owned and operated company, for reasonable prices, prompt responses, highly trained and certified technician. When it comes to commercial and residential bedbug treatments, rest assured that our chemical and heat treatments are safe and reliable. With a 60-day guarantee and FREE inspections with treatment, you’ll experience great peace of mind. 

Bedbug Monitoring

For proactive and reactive bedbug monitoring, contact Zander Pest Control. Based on 15 years in business, we know how to monitor large buildings, fire stations, call centers, colleges, or anywhere there’s a dog present. Choose us to address targeted areas with our new bedbug monitoring systems.

Commercial-Grade Bedbug Treatments

On-site, commercial-grade bedbug treatment systems are available for luggage and other items. Such systems are Ideal for hotels and other venues that seek to ensure a positive experience for customers. This service can help grow your business, brand reputation, and revenues while your customers wait and relax in your restaurant or bar!
Bed bug

Steps to Prepare for Bedbug Treatments

Your cooperation in preparing your home for bedbug treatment will directly affect the success of the treatment process. The following preparations are crucial for success:
  1. Clean up excess clutter around the house, apartment, or business.
  2. Secure private, valuable, or important items. We’ll be treating in closets, drawers, etc.
  3. Remove pets and seal fish tanks.
  4. Vacate the premises during and for about 4 hours after service is complete. Re-entry time will be posted on the door.
  5. Unlock all doors to rooms, closets, etc., that are being serviced. 
  6. Remove outlet covers in bedrooms and sitting areas being serviced.
  7. Completely clear out bedroom closets.
  8. Move all furniture and other items 12 inches from walls.
  9. Thoroughly vacuum couches, beds, box springs, frames, mattresses, carpets, and baseboard / carpet junctions. Discard vacuum bags in a sealed trash bag outside immediately. Scrub all parts, hoses, brushes, and filters of bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners.
  10. Put clock radios, phones, and other small items in zippered bags and freeze for at least 7 days.
  11. Do not place any items on top of beds or couches.
  12. Before treatment, place linens from beds and clothing from closets and dressers into 4-ML strength or better plastic bags. Dry on highest allowable setting according to label for 35 minutes minimum. Allow dryer to reach operating temp before starting the 35-minute process. Discard used trash bags and use new ones to store linens until treatment is completed.
  13. Place items to be laundered in trash bags. Launder in a hot wash and / or dry cycle as soon as possible, or dry clean if necessary.
  14. Do not store items on or under beds.
  15. Do not move items from room to room, bag, or place in totes half full for treatment as needed or directed – especially if items were stored near the bed or affected areas.
  16. We recommend  not to bring new furniture into the area until the bedbugs have been declared eliminated.
  17. Couches, mattresses, and box springs should be encased for at least 1 year. These are difficult to treat and can reintroduce an infestation from unseen cracks or crevices inside. Can be purchased separately as needed.
  18. Beds, box springs, and couches may be covered in bed encasements, if purchased. Do not remove covers for any reason.
  19. You’ll be notified of any additional preparations which may be needed to facilitate the remaining services.
  20. Leave as much of the room’s items and clothing packed up as possible until follow-up treatments are completed and you’re cleared.
  21. Air out house for 30 minutes.
Bed bug
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“Thank you, Dean and staff, for the excellent service for our senior citizen client. You made her feel comfortable and she trusted that you would do the job right. Your preparation help made all the difference. We highly recommend your service.” 

– Pat Williams, deputy director, Union County Department of Job and Family Services
Bedbug Preparation Services
For the elderly and others who have no family or 
other help.

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